Incest. From A Journal of Love

Nin Anais


  • okładka miękka
  • autor Nin Anais
  • ISBN 0-374-52865-9
  • wydawnictwo Harvest Book
  • rok wydania 1993
  • liczba stron 418
  • numer wydania 1
  • wymiary 15x22,8
  • waga 0,56
  • język angielski
  • stan dobry +
  • zbiór BS/GTs

86,00 zł


This second volume of the unexpurgated version of Nin's diary spans the period from October 1932 to November 1934. It draws upon previously unpublished material from the period covered by the first volume of the diary as published in 1966. Incest follows Henry & June ( LJ 10/1/86), focusing not only on Nin's continued relationship with author Henry Miller but also on her physical and emotional attachments to four other men. Nin offers intimate details of disturbing events such as her intense incestuous affair with her father and her abortion during her sixth month of pregnancy. Her diary offers direct insight into a narcissistic, passionate, analytical, and complex mind, but the brief introduction does disappointingly little to explain the editorial process that created this version of Nin's diary, which differs dramatically in style and content from its expurgated counterpart. Nevertheless, this is an important supplement to the 1966 diary and is recommended for most literature collections.

Uwagi: naklejka na grzbiecie oprawy, na str. tytułowej pieczątkai wł.


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