Understanding Women

Eichenbaum Luise, Orbach Susie


  • okładka miękka
  • autor Eichenbaum Luise, Orbach Susie
  • ISBN 0-14-013653-3
  • seria wydawnicza (-)
  • wydawnictwo Penguin Books
  • ilustracje (-)
  • rok wydania 1992
  • liczba stron 212
  • przekład (-)
  • wymiary 13x19,5x1,3
  • waga 0,17
  • język angielski
  • stan bd-
  • zbiór MZ

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This is an appraisal of women's psychological development based on clinical evidence. In their work as psychotherapists at the Women's Therapy Centre in London, the authors have isolated many problems that largely affect women: depression, phobias, eating disorders and poor self-image, for example. In this book, they relate these to the role of women in society, the dynamics of the mother-daughter relationship and the familial and social context in which women grow up. Challenging the views of Freud and the theories of biological determination, the authors demonstrate their own findings with examples from the consulting room and the revelations of both individual and group therapy.


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