Ana's Land. Sisterhood In Eastern Europe

Renne Tanya


  • okładka miękka
  • autor Renne Tanya
  • ISBN 0-8133-2832-2
  • wydawnictwo Westview Press
  • rok wydania 1997
  • liczba stron 244
  • wymiary 15,2x22,7
  • waga 0,39
  • język angielski
  • stan bardzo dobry -
  • zbiór BS/GT

75,00 zł


Facing negative public opinion and nearly impossible conditions in their homelands, east European women are struggling to establish their human rights and to solidify the shaky social gains that were made under state-sponsored socialism. This unique collection gives unmediated voice to women throughout the region, from activists and scholars to high-school students. In a variety of genres, including scholarly essays, interviews and autobiography, they address issues such as abortion, forced unemployment, rape and domestic violence, lesbianism, motherhood, ethnicity, war, media, and religion.
This grassroots anthology is an invaluable primary source for Western feminists and scholars of women's studies, east European studies, human rights, and post-communist transitions as well as for general readers seeking insight into women's experiences and perspectives in a region undergoing dramatic social change.

Uwagi: naklejka na grzbiecie oprawy, na str. przedtytułowej pieczątki wł., trzon bez śladów używania.


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